Thursday, 4 August 2011

Nissan Sunny| Nissan Sunny Unveiled in India| Nissan Sunny Review

Nissan all new entry saloon is called as Nissan Sunny, its based on the same "V" platform as Nissan Micra.This all new car is a tailor made assault on the the surprisingly similar requirements of the car owners in Indian market.  But why it is like? Initial impressions are clearly not what you expect.First comes the disbelief. Can this full size looking car be really categorized as a compact saloon? It looks quite large, especially when views from the rear three-quarters, with its big boot, long wheelbase and massive cabin. It's closer in size to something like a Honda Civic or a Skoda Laura: compact it is not.

While Micra is all round and cute, Nissan Sunny in India is fully grown up. Versatility enough to accommodate  both  compact and medium sized cars.The new petrol motor has a block that's shared with Alliance partner Renault, many chassis systems on the car have been plucked from the French car-maker's parts bins, and  Renault has helped with parts sourcing in India as well.

Nissan Sunny Exterior:
Long Flow-lines, a beautifully crafted nose and an elegant  rear section mean the new sunny actually looks very attractive from many angles. Sure, the stubby nose  means that some of the portions are odd, but just look at how beautifully detailed it is. The elegantly   layered and rounded of nose features, Nissan  new asymmetric chrome grille, the wraparound headlights are full of intricate details and that mild power bulge in the center of the bonnet ads a bit of muscles too.

Nissan Sunny Interior:
Plenty of space inside. Lot of legroom in the backseat. Slender seats and  a tight fitting compact dashboard makes that possible that rear seats are pretty comfortable as well. Thigh support is is decent and you get a flat floor too. The drooping roof line, however means that you sit slightly lower than is ideal and the backrest is lean back a bit. But this doesn't take away to much from the overall comfort. Overall plastic quality and fit and finish are also up to expectation.

Nissan Sunny Mileage:
For the Indian market Nissan Sunny will come  with a 1.5 litre petrol engine developing 107.5bhp. The engine feels nice and smooth and there is enough performance here to make it feel pretty effortless. The car's handling isn't too sporty. But Nissan Sunny is the car with everything that Indian customer wants and its wort waiting for it. Nissan Sunny petrol will give approx mileage of of this Nissan Sunny will be 12-16 Kmpl. And its expected to be priced between Rs 7-9 Lakhs in India. Nissan sunny will be launched in India by Diwali.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

All New Ford Fiesta, New Ford Fiesta 2011, All new ford fiesta 2011 India Launch

The all new Ford Fiesta will be launched on 14th July, 2011. The name is same but there isn’t anything else remotely common between the old Ford Fiesta Classic and the all new Fiesta. 

The all new fiesta is not just another model from Ford. It’s the first contemporary saloon Ford will be launching in India on14th July, 2011. Till now, Ford strategy was to launch car uniquely made for India like Ikon, Fiesta Classic, and the very successful Ford Figo, where older platforms were extensively adapted for the Indian market.  Its strategy that has worked well made for India Fords have proved pretty popular.  The Company’s new mantra “One Ford” means Fiestas sold in China, Thailand or the US are ostensibly the same as the one that will come to India.
The all new ford fiesta launch in India will have following features; it has cruise control, to its voice activated controls. There’s a very good reason why the all-new Fiesta is taking the world by storm. Not only is it equipped with advanced technology that puts you in control, but its spacious interior design delivers a quiet sophistication that perfectly combines form and function.

The New fiesta is built on the company’s B2E platform which is shared with the Mazda2. Ford has taken the less expensive route of keeping the front half of the hatch and saloon common. The all new ford fiesta in India also coming with electrically assisted steering which uses a column mounted motor. For the Indian market the all new ford fiesta will come with both petrol and diesel engine option. The big advantage of Ford’s dual-clutch Power shift transmission is superior fuel efficiency and it is for this reason alone that Ford should consider launching an automatic option for the all new fiesta. 

The present ford fiesta classic is a pretty good car in its own right but its new model with its modern and up market looks, strong engines and amazing ride and handling that has the potential to go straight to top class. And with Cruise Control, available for the first time in its class, the type of long-haul driving that often leaves you feeling drained, instead leaves you feeling energized.

The mileage of all new ford fiesta will be around 17-19 kmpl and the all new ford fiesta price is expected to be around Rs.7 -9 lakh.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Maruti Stops Swift Production, Launching New Swift in August 2011

The country’s largest selling fuel efficient car maker Maruti Suzuki has stopped the production of its highest selling premium hatchback Maruti Swift. The reports have stated that this move is taken to make way for the new version of the Maruti Swift, which will be launched in late August or early September.
In past 20 years petrol prices have risen over 400% from Rs. 14.62 per litre to 63.73 per litre in Delhi. With rising fuel prices, one of the major factors these days considered in purchasing a car would the fuel efficiency and the Maruti Suzuki Swift, India’s top-selling premium car which has gone under complete transformation and it will launched next month will come as more fuel efficient. Maruti Suzuki Swift was selling more than 10,000 units a month.

The New Maruti Swift will come with 1.2-litre petrol and 1.3-litre diesel variants. It was reported that the new model, built on a slightly longer yet new platform, will be little extra roomy, lighter and return better mileage than the current generation Swift. Engineers have also achieved a substantial reduction in the overall weight of the car by replacing the metal fuel tank with a plastic tank. This will improve its fuel efficiency of the new swift by a little over 13 per cent.
This will be the first major face-lift for the Swift since it was launched six years ago. Pricing details of the new car has not been shared by the Maruti Suzuki India. The petrol variant will return a mileage of around 20 km per litre, as compared to 17.9 km per litre certified by the Automotive Research Association of India. Similarly, the diesel model will deliver around 23.8 km per litre, as against the existing 21 km a litre.
        The report stated that for installing the plastic fuel tanks, Maruti Suzuki India has tied up with France’s Plastic Omnium, the world’s largest manufacturer of plastic fuel tanks as it was mentioned that plastic fuel tanks are usually 25-35 per cent lighter than the conventional metal tanks. Besides, these are corrosion-free, durable, non-explosive and easily recyclable. According to the report, New  Maruti Swift may also offer a four-speed automatic transmission option in the petrol version, besides the regular five-speed manual.   
      The Swift which is available now in petrol, diesel and CNG versions and priced between Rs 3.9-5.5 lakh, sells close to 11,000 units every month. It has recorded a growth of 21 per cent last year selling over 140,000 units as against 116,000 units sold in the previous year. The Maruti Swift accounts for about 25 per cent of the hatchback segment, and compete with Hyundai i20, Volkswagen Polo, Skoda Fabia, Nissan Micra, Fiat Punto and Toyota Liva. It was also mentioned that Maruti is also preparing to launch a new Swift Dzire with the small boot, which will be cheaper and will probably hit the market by early 2012.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Maruti R3, Maruti RIII, Maruti Suzuki R3 Luanch, Maruti Suzuki R3 price, Maruti RIII MPV News

Maruti is all set to launch its range of people movers with the introduction of an all-new Swift/Ritz based seven-seater Maruti R3. Designed to appeal to big Indian Families looking for an ideal blend of everyday usability and space, the Maruti Suzuki RIII (or R3) however isn’t just a practical mono volume with three rows of seats like the much more utilitarian Eeco. This front –wheel –drive car based mini Maruti MPV has been designed to drive like car and features quality interiors making it suitable for use as personal transport.
Maruti first showcased its intent to develop a people-mover with the Maruthi RIII concept in the 2010 Auto Expo. There, three rows of seats, some very modern lines and funky detailing helped wow the crowds. The design is immediately recognizable as a Suzuki. The nose looks very similar to that of Ritz, with its slot-like grille and strong bonnet V, and other typically Suzuki feature exits as well. The Chin of the Maruti RIII is quite different. Much wider and bulkier, there is a large air inlet under the bumper and the enclosures that house the fog lights are large too.

The big surprise is an all new K14 petrol engine which makes its debut in RIII. This is the largest version of the K-series yet and as a result power and torque is much higher. A 1372cc motors makes a decent 95bhp and torque should be as high as 13kgm. Also on the cards is a diesel, the same Fiat designed, VGT equipped 89bhp DDis motor from the SX4.

Engineered in India for the India market, The RIII will not be Maruti’s first attempt to a mini MPV. That car was the slow-selling Versa, or the today’s cut-price Eeco. These front wheels drive RIII promises to drive and feel like modern car rather than a concerted commercial vehicle. Plus the addition of a modern diesel engine will make all the difference. Maruti R3 the mini MPV would be priced around Rs.8-10 lakh, as it will be targeted to SX4 customers. Maruti Suzuki R3 will be launched in India by end of 2011.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Chevrolet Beat Diesel Launch Date: 15-20 July, 2011, Beat Diesel Launch date in India

Chevy Beat Diesel,  Chevrolet Beat Diesel, Beat Diesel Mileage, Beat diesel price in India.

GM India expects the Chevrolet Beat Diesel to be the Game changer for the company and the Indian market when it goes on sale this month by 15-16 July, 2011. The Chevrolet beat diesel will be the first diesel in its class, which could give it a first-mover advantage in the A segment; i.e. the hatchback segment, which forms the bulk on the Indian Car Market.
In fact, the Beat Diesel is all set to notch up a series of ‘firsts.’ It is the first three cylinder diesel engine in India, the first diesel under one litre and according to company sources, has the best ‘torque-per-litre’ and the best ‘bhp-per-litre’ figures in the industry.
The Chevrolet beat diesel produces a respectable 58.5bhp and 150NM of torque at 1750 rpm from its 936cc engine which in a compact hatch promises sprightly performance. However, the key question that’s yet to be answered is how fuel efficient the beat diesel really is? According to the official Indian Driving Cycle figure, the Chevrolet beat diesel mileage will be 23.99kmpl just behind the Indica eV2. However, in the real world conditions, which involve slower average speeds and more stop-go driving, the diesel Beat diesel could have an edge. Also not known is the price but its’ likely that GM India will peg it at an Rs.80, 00 premium over the 1.2 litre petrol beat.
Chevrolet beat diesel price in India is expected to be around Rs.5 lakh.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Pajero Sport Launch will be in 2012

Hindustan Motors will finally launch the Pajero Sport SUV at the Auto Expo in January 2012. The company planned to introduce the model a while ago, but was unable to arrive at a competitive price due to rising value of Yen which made imports costly.
The company now plans to aggressively localize its upcoming SUV which it will assemble at its Thiruvallur factory in Tamil Nadu, where the current Pajero( recently upgraded to BS IV) is also made. The SUV could be priced in the Rs.20-23 lakh range.
The Pajero Sport gets a 2.5-litre 16 valve inter-cooled turbocharger diesel heart producing 134bhp and 32kgm torque. It comes with Mitsubishi's rally-proven shift-on-the- fly super select 4WD and a high 215mm ground clearance, of which should give it terrific off-road capabilities.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Tata Ace Zip Launch In India, Tata Magic Iris in India

After the tremendous success of its commercial vehicles Ace and Ace magic, Tata Motors have launched the smaller Ace Zip and Magic Iris. Both vehicles are targeted at the product space right now occupied by small and medium three-wheelers. The Magic Iris is a people carrier and can seat three people in the back and one passenger and driver in the front. The Tata Ace Zip on the other hand is micro truck with a play load of up to 600kg.

Tata claims that both these vehicles have the potential have the potential to revolutionize the entry-level commercial vehicle segment and especially usurp the three-wheeler market in the rural and the semi urban areas. Tata motors are on the front foot on claiming necessary permits from state RTOs, which will allow the Tata Magic Iris to ply side by side with the current three-wheelers. Dedicating these vehicles to the nation, Tata Motors wants to improve the present conditions of public transport by offering better safety and comfort in these vehicles.

Both Vehicles are unique in their respective segments as they set new standards in driver comfort and reliability. Both Vehicles run rear mounted liquid-colled 611cc diesel engines that make 11PS of power and 31 Nm of torque, which is delivered at low revs. They have both been designed keeping in mind the safety of all on board. The chassis overhand in front and the cross beams in the doors on the side will protect occupants in case of a side impact. Aside from this all seats are provided with seat belts, a first in this segment. Both vehicles have independent suspensions all around and run on 12 inch radial tyres. Both Vehicles have been tested extensively in urban, semi urban and rural areas in all kinds of terrain and have received good response. The Tata Magic Iris Price is  Rs. 1.95 lakhs and the Tata Ace Zip price is Rs.1.90 Lakh.