Thursday, 4 August 2011

Nissan Sunny| Nissan Sunny Unveiled in India| Nissan Sunny Review

Nissan all new entry saloon is called as Nissan Sunny, its based on the same "V" platform as Nissan Micra.This all new car is a tailor made assault on the the surprisingly similar requirements of the car owners in Indian market.  But why it is like? Initial impressions are clearly not what you expect.First comes the disbelief. Can this full size looking car be really categorized as a compact saloon? It looks quite large, especially when views from the rear three-quarters, with its big boot, long wheelbase and massive cabin. It's closer in size to something like a Honda Civic or a Skoda Laura: compact it is not.

While Micra is all round and cute, Nissan Sunny in India is fully grown up. Versatility enough to accommodate  both  compact and medium sized cars.The new petrol motor has a block that's shared with Alliance partner Renault, many chassis systems on the car have been plucked from the French car-maker's parts bins, and  Renault has helped with parts sourcing in India as well.

Nissan Sunny Exterior:
Long Flow-lines, a beautifully crafted nose and an elegant  rear section mean the new sunny actually looks very attractive from many angles. Sure, the stubby nose  means that some of the portions are odd, but just look at how beautifully detailed it is. The elegantly   layered and rounded of nose features, Nissan  new asymmetric chrome grille, the wraparound headlights are full of intricate details and that mild power bulge in the center of the bonnet ads a bit of muscles too.

Nissan Sunny Interior:
Plenty of space inside. Lot of legroom in the backseat. Slender seats and  a tight fitting compact dashboard makes that possible that rear seats are pretty comfortable as well. Thigh support is is decent and you get a flat floor too. The drooping roof line, however means that you sit slightly lower than is ideal and the backrest is lean back a bit. But this doesn't take away to much from the overall comfort. Overall plastic quality and fit and finish are also up to expectation.

Nissan Sunny Mileage:
For the Indian market Nissan Sunny will come  with a 1.5 litre petrol engine developing 107.5bhp. The engine feels nice and smooth and there is enough performance here to make it feel pretty effortless. The car's handling isn't too sporty. But Nissan Sunny is the car with everything that Indian customer wants and its wort waiting for it. Nissan Sunny petrol will give approx mileage of of this Nissan Sunny will be 12-16 Kmpl. And its expected to be priced between Rs 7-9 Lakhs in India. Nissan sunny will be launched in India by Diwali.


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